Below this text you will find the links to some of the pictures I took during the last few months.
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Ferrara Balloons Festival 2006

Berlin's Zoo under the snow

The remainings of the wall

Alexanderplatz (Alexander Square)

The Citadel of Spandau

The Reichstag (Parliament)

Unter den Linden

Potsdamerplatz and sorroundungs

More images from Balloons 2005

Bubbles Celebration Balloon

Misty Morning

Inflating a Balloon


Marsa Alam Underwater Life

A Desert Ride

Suntan Development

Hotel Sol Y Mar Marsa Alam

Mixed Malta and Gozo Pictures

We at the Mistra Village

Views from the Marfa Ridge

A Chameleon and a Crab

The Grand Master's Palace and the State Armory

Calypso Cave



The Azure Window



Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra

The Blue Grotto

Mdina Glass


Let's feed the fishes...

The sea around Comino

Ghar_Hasan cave

Ghar_Dalam cave

The Dingli Cliffs


Xemxja bay at night

St. Julians

Prati di Mugnano

A wooden bridge at Langnau


Marmore Waterfalls



Agriturismo Le Grazie


Kremlin & Sorroundings









Metropolitan Museum of New York

Tarpon Springs

John's Pass Village

Madeira Beach

Orlando (& Magic Kingdom)

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Art Decò District - Miami



Museum of Natural History

Manhattan Harbour Cruise

Empire State Building

Central Park

New York - Views from the Big Apple

Fireworks at Parco Urbano

A cactus blossom

Stanford Dingley

Kaputt (Focus engine breakdown...)

Irene's First Communion



Vulandra 2003 (Low Resolution pictures)

Museo & Giardini Margherita (Low Resolution pictures)

Cesenatico - Floating Nativity

Car Accident...

Balinese dancers at the CocoBistro

Tanah Lot Temple

Balinese Farmers

Kecak Dance

Malaysian Dancers

Kuala Lumpur's twin towers

A Chinese Temple

The Batu Caves

KL Tower

Chinatown at Kuala Lumpur

Wandering in Kuala Lumpur

A bike ride near the Po river

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We found a homeless Bird...

In a wheat field...

The "Cuginata" 2002


Il Bosco degli Gnomi

Tiziana's Wedding abstract

Bignami's House

The moon from my balcony

Millemiglia Storica 2002

Wandering in Trieste

Skocjanske Caves

Sunday morning in Capodistria

Predjama Castle

Postumia (without caves)

The "Valli di Ostellato" nature park


More "Delta del Po"

Copenhagen & sorroundings

Wildlife on the frozen lake at "Parco urbano"

Morning below 0° C

Happy new year 2002

New ear's eve at Mezzetti's

Ancient Ferrara views

Frozen Po from the dockyards

X'mas time in Argenta

Wintertime in Cervia

Christmas lights

Hamsters & computers

Europart -The last supper...

Fields in the morning

Little trick!

The Certosa in Ferrara

Farewell to Europart

Flowers on my balcony

Mezzetti's hamster

Wandering in the Po mouth

Flowers & sunsets

Light games

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2001

Wandering in Brunico

Wandering in Feltre

Belluno (in a rainy day)

Frassene' Agordino (night views)

On the Marmolada

Flowes, Insects and more

Sirius d'estate

Fireworks ed other night pictures

Flying back home

Hotel Fort Arabesque

Mahmya Island

Red sea underwater life

Vulandra 2001

Wandering in San Gimignano

Wandering in Siena

Wandering in Pistoia

Cologne and Luzern (by night)

Bellaria (In wintertime...)

Carnival's Flag Parade

Dad's Birthday

Snow over Lembeek (with views of the Alps from a plane)

Ferrara views...

New Year's eve near the Castle

Wandering in Gradara

Irene's Birthday

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2000

Mom's Birthday

Tioman, August 1993